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  • 1. We are discreet and efficient Our Principal, David Hoover, has spent his career keeping secrets for the government.  His last job with the government was as an undercover Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Officer.  He greatly values efficiency and is always trying to improve upon his techniques and tactics.  He is also a veteran of undercover operations, getting the information needed before anyone realizes an investigation has taken place.
  • 2. We improvise, adapt and overcome in the field We do not adhere to a strict game plan while conducting an investigation.  It is fluid and partially based on what the target of the investigation does.
  • 3. We have extensive contacts Mr. Hoover was assigned to multiple multi-jurisdictional law enforcement task forces throughout his career.  He previously was the Law Enforcement Liaison for ASIS International and an active member of many other trade groups and associations.  More recently, he worked as a direct employee of the CIA, routinely liaising with other federal employees and contractors from a large variety of organizations .  All of the above has contributed to Independent Investigations, LLC vast network of professionals having expertise in any type of security field you can think of.


a few words about us

At most Private Investigator Agencies, you have no idea who is actually going to investigate your case.  The lead investigator or owner may have an impressive resume, but chances are they are not going to be the ones investigating your case. At Independent Investigations, LLC, the principal, veteran federal, state, local and private detective David Hoover personally handles every case that comes through our office.  We do not have brand new investigators cutting their teeth with your precious dollars.  You are guaranteed to have an experienced and qualified investigator each and every time you hire us.  That's our promise to you.

We are particularly adept at uncovering information through social media websites and internet searches.  We have uncovered workers’ compensation fraud suspects illegally working other jobs, hiding business ownerships, photographs/videos and details of physical restrictions being broken, new addresses and phone numbers, evidence of illegal acts and gang membership and many other helpful pieces of information.  This was all found before we even began surveillance.

Also what sets us apart from other Private Investigator Agencies is the training and experience of our Principal, David C. Hoover.  It is rare someone with his vast background, particularly his employment as an undercover Officer with the CIA, is a Private Investigator.

Background of Principal David C. Hoover

Mr. Hoover began his career in investigations by performing a paid internship with the Special Investigations Unit of an Insurance Company in the Chicago area.  He followed that up the next year with an internship under the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) in Chicago as well.  While at DSS Mr. Hoover was taught and conducted all facets of protective operations.  This included training and experience in conducting pre-advances for dignitaries and diplomats, as well as protective operations driving techniques.

After graduating from college cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Sciences and minors in Psychology and Sociology, Mr. Hoover began working as an Investigator for a Private Detective Agency in the Chicago area.

After the above experiences Mr. Hoover was hired as a city Police Officer.  While a Police Officer he held the following positions: Crime Scene Technician, Intelligence Officer, Gang Unit Officer, undercover Narcotics Detective, State Drug Task Force Undercover Investigator, SWAT Officer and Sniper.  Mr. Hoover specialized in interrogations, as well as defensive tactics and firearms.

After serving as a Police Officer/Detective for many years, Mr. Hoover founded Independent Investigations, LLC, in Illinois.  Over the years he conducted Executive/Close Protection details, cheating partner cases, child custody disputes, threat assessments, and workers' compensation fraud cases.  He also frequently acted as a liaison between federal, state and local level law enforcement and his clients .

Mr. Hoover left the private sector when he was recruited to be an Interrogator/Security Specialist for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Washington, D.C. area.  While employed by the CIA he received extensive training in: polygraph examinations, interview/interrogations, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, firearms, defensive tactics, Personal Security Awareness, Insider Threat, Personnel Security, Physical Security, Industrial Security and overseas operations among many other topics.  Mr. Hoover excelled as an interrogator and within 6 months he was training all of the new employees in his division in interrogation techniques.  He was routinely assigned the most difficult and complex cases which had national security, counterintelligence, terrorism, espionage and serious criminal concerns to them.  He was highly successful, conducting more interrogations, receiving more confessions, and training more interrogators than anyone else in his division.  Mr. Hoover received multiple awards and accolades for his contributions to the CIA.

In 2019 Mr. Hoover moved back to the Midwest and formed Independent Investigations, LLC, once again.  He would be happy to discuss his background further, as well as provide documentation showing his experience and training.

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Mr. Hoover on his last day of work at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)