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San Diego County District Attorney’s Office:

Gavin deBecker MOSAIC Threat Assessment System:

Child Custody and Divorce

It’s About the Child:

Cheating Partner/Spouse

10 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating:

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)(AKA bug sweeps)

Warning signs you are being eavesdropped on:

Photos on Website

Photographs used in this website were obtained from, specifically the following photographers:

Jonathan Mast:

-Ledyard building photograph, Grand Rapids, Michigan (bottom of home page)

-Mr. Mast also has a lot of other beautiful photos of Grand Rapids on his unsplash page linked above.

Annie Spratt:

-Child custody dispute investigations photo

Get Budding:

-Marijuana provisioning center investigations photo

Linkedin Sales Navigator:

-Workers' compensation fraud investigations photo

Nik MacMillan:

-Interview and interrogation photo

Will Porada:

-Workplace violence/threat assessments photo


-Employee theft/embezzlement investigations photo

Although I did not use photographs from the below photographers, I thought they were worth mentioning if you would like to see some other cool photos, particularly of Grand Rapids, Mackinac Bridge and Detroit.

Aaron Burden:

Andrew Gottschling:

Doug Zuba: