We have limited the services we offer to focus more on specific areas and not spread ourselves thin

Many Private Detectives Agencies in Grand Rapids offer a dizzying array of services.  We recently saw one such agency offer more than 36 different services!  Although we are more than capable of offering a large variety of services, we purposely have kept the services we offer small, to remain more specialized.  At Independent Investigations, LLC, we DO NOT adhere to the old adage of "Jack of all trades, master of none".  Please click on any of the listed services, which WE ARE masters of, to the left for more information.

You have a choice of who you hire.

No games, no fluff, Private Detective/principal David Hoover works every single case brought to our office.  We do not assign your case to an intern or a brand new employee who can make his or her mistakes with your hard-earned money.  Although those positions obviously have their place, you will not find them here.