Interviews & Interrogations

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Interrogation is an art.

Our Principal, David Hoover, has conducted thousands of interrogations over the course of his career.  He was known for his interrogation skills as a Police Detective and was sought out to assist other Detectives with their interrogations.  While in the private sector he has been highly successful in conducting interrogations related to employee theft.  As a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Interrogator he was trained in all of the latest techniques to lawfully elicit information from people.  In the great majority of his interrogations he received confessions or additional information which helped the cases he was investigating.

When you need the truth!

A good interrogator is almost never confrontational.  The days of good cop, bad cop are over.  If you were to ask all of the people Mr. Hoover interrogated, the great majority would say they were not interrogated at all.  That is a testament to Mr. Hoover's interrogation skills and style.  He tries to end all interrogations on a positive note, with the person who was interrogated feeling good about the process.  He has used these methods to successfully interrogate and receive confessions from a large number of people for every type of crime imaginable.  Over the last few years he became a specialist in interrogating child sex crime(s) suspects and he was highly successful in eliciting confessions.

As an interrogator for the CIA, Mr. Hoover routinely interrogated CIA contractors who were suspected of a large variety of crimes.  Many of these individuals were valued employees.  He had to straddle the line between getting the information he needed, but not alienating the employee.