Workplace Violence/Threat Assessments

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Workplace violence is a very real threat.  Do not fall victim to the mindset of "that couldn't happen here".

Our Principal, David Hoover, is a graduate of the prestigious Gavin de Becker and Associates Advanced Threat Assessment and Management
Academy.  While attending this training Mr. Hoover was surrounded by practitioners from literally all around the world who where leaders in
their respective fields.  Mr. de Becker is commonly known as one of the world's foremost experts on stalking, executive protection, and
threat assessments.  Mr. de Becker wrote a letter to Independent Investigations, LLC in regard to Mr. Hoover where he said the following:
"We had several round-table discussions on very difficult cases (angry ex-employees, stalkers, threateners) and we paused at various
decision-points to explore the benefits and consequences of each management option.  I'm writing to let you know that Mr. Hoover brought
creativity, experience and innovation to our thinking on these topics.  He represented your organization superbly, and showed caring and caution in approaching these tough situations.  You already know that he is a fine professional; I just wanted to say that our firm experienced it firsthand."

Mass shootings can be thwarted.  There are always warning signs.

In order to prevent acts of violence from occurring in the workplace employee actions should be monitored for warning signs. At Independent Investigations, LLC, we will assist you in preventing acts of violence in the workplace. Whether we get involved in the end, where we are acting as an armed protection agent, or in the beginning, conducting threat assessments, we would be happy to help you.

Whether the threats occurred from a stalker, a co-worker, or a random person, we have the experience to handle the threat appropriately.